About Us...

Perceval Nail is a nail dip powder company based in Philadelphia, USA. We aim to create the best special effects in nail products.


We understand women's need to look good and stand out. Our company is built to cater women's need to express themselves through colors. Our company is specialized not only giving the best nail products but also creating special effects. Thus, women can experiment with colors according to their preference and satisfaction. In addition, our goal to offer the best quality and price.


Enjoy the beautiful and fun visuals for your nail by Perceval nail products.

Perceval Nail Logo symbolizes the glamorous luxurious intent of the Perceval Nail brand. Our logo inscribes the writing "pearl quality with silver linings." The inscription illustrates our company's promise in bringing the high-quality special effect in our nail dip powder product.


Perceval Nail

Nail Dipping Powder Company


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