Color Chart

Learn Our Colors!

You may refer to the following chart for product identification or purchases. The following chart is also provided in our complimentary brochure (accompanied with product purchases). Contact us for more information.

5 things to know about the Color Chart!

  1. Each color boxes provide 2 powder images (top) and 1 solid color (bottom) in reference to the named color.
  2. Note the symbols next to the color names! It refers to a powder identification that identifies how the powder would look like when applied to your nail.
  3. There are 3 special effects: glow in the dark, mermaid, and 3D cat eye (as shown on the image below and homepage). For more information, feel free to contact us.
  4. Under the "W" column, there are colors identified as _ _ _ shine. Please note that "shine" is the color effect of the powder when applied (that is why the color of the powder images may differ from the solid color)
  5. The colors without symbols will display solid colors when applied.

Check Out  'How To Dip Powder' for more instructions!

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